• real time business intelligence insight

    competitive intelligence: we give you access to the most accurate data available in the cannabis industry

    Retail Sales Trends

    Most Profitable Inventory Mix

    Cannfind gives dispenser a specific breakdown of how products are selling - this gives dispensers a roadmap to stock their shelves with the most profitable product mix

    Inventory Tracking

    Real Time Inventory Connectivity Directly to STATE databases

    compliance is the number one concern in the marijuana industry. cannfind connects you directly with your STATE to ensure that you have an in-depth insight into your inventory as it exists on state databases

    Brand Sales by geographical region (multi-state)

    Brand Performance At The Shelf Level

    if you're a brand you want to know how your product is selling at retailers - we can provide that data to you with a 100% degree of accuracy

    Sales Numbers By Category

    Flower/Trim/Concentrate Sales Broken Down By Demography

    our data shows brands which products are best sellers (or poor sellers) by geographical regions - this gives brands the ability to manage production

    Fanatical Support

    seasoned help desk & METRC professionals

    we have a team of seasoned help desk and METRC professionals to assist you on how to approach regulators with any issues you may be unsure of

    Transfer Manifests & Delivery Options

    we automate transfer manifests ensuring accuracy

    paperwork is important - by having your paperwork automated you eliminate mistakes and ensure compliance by taking human error out of the equation

    Expansion Opportunities

    we can seamlessly take you into over 14 states

    we work with licensed operators in every state to take your recipe into states where you aren't licensed to operate by using their kitchens to manufacture & package your brand - we scale sales through dispenser outreach programs

    Transport Options

    our transporters can schedule delivery

    we work with licensed transporters to pick up your orders from our growers and MIP's - this gives you the opportunity to have all of your orders delivered in one shipment

    Invoicing & Accounting

    integration with any accounting system

    we integrate with the accounting system of your choice by providing an automated API into your accounting software

    Payment options

    direct payment thru authorized banks

    we work with licensed banking operators to give you the ability to buy and sell seamlessly and connect directly to your accounting software

Cannfind is a Multi-State Cannabis compliance validated and registered platform. Any illegal activity will be immediately reported to State Authorities
Cannfind is for State registered and licensed operators only